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We have been invited by the currator of Alcoholics Anonymous to create an educational “product” that is geared for middle school visitors to Dr. Bob’s Home in Akron, Ohio. Use these links for your research.

Dr. Bob’s Home: search the tabs "Who was Dr. Bob”, "You and Dr. Bob’s Home", and "The Museum".

Dr. Bob’s Home — Where Alchholics Anonymous Began  Good overview.

Bob Smith Doctor (Wikipedia) 

This Yout Tube video provides a historical perspective about Dr. Bob and Bill  Wilson with interviews of family members. In the middle of this video is a reenactment (movie clip) of the meeting of the two men in Akron. 

PDF File of the Home Tour Script

This is the official AA tour of the house and the history of AA in Akron. 

Keep your research notes on the “L” drive under <TDFactory> folder, <Dr. Bob> folder.